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2023-24 SITP Seminar Schedule

SITP Monday Colloquia

Date Speaker Location Time Title Affiliation
09/25/23 Manki Kim Varian 355 2:00 PM Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10/09/23 Sho Yaida Varian 355 2:00 PM Meta
10/16/23 Herman Verlinde Varian 355 2:00 PM Princeton University
10/23/23 Daniel Roberts Varian 355 2:00 PM Sequoia Capital and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10/30/23 Nima Lashkari Varian 355 2:00 PM Purdue University
11/06/23 Xi Dong Varian 355 2:00 PM University of California, Santa Barbara
11/13/23 Gabriele di Ubaldo Varian 355 2:00 PM Institut de physique théorique
11/20/23 Eugenia Colafranceschi Varian 355 2:00 PM University of California, Santa Barbara
11/27/23 Natalia Toro Varian 355 2:00 PM Perimeter Institute
12/04/23 Yin Chen He Varian 355 2:00 PM Perimeter Institute
01/22/24 Sandip Trivedi Varian 355 2:00 PM Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
01/29/24 Chi-Ming Chang Varian 355 2:00 PM Tsinghua University
03/11/24 Henrik Wilming Varian 355, via Zoom 2:00 PM Leibniz University Hannover
06/03/24 Asher Berlin Varian 355 2:00 PM Fermilab

Friday Phenomenology Group Seminars

Date Speaker Location Time Title Affiliation
09/22/23 Dawid Brzeminski Varian 312 3:00 PM Dynamical equilibration of dark matter and baryon energy densities
University of Maryland
09/29/23 Andrew Long Varian 312 3:00 PM Making massive spin-2 particles from gravity during inflation
Rice University
10/06/23 Will DeRocco Varian 312 3:00 PM Searching for gravitational waves below a nanohertz
University of California, Santa Cruz
10/20/23 Reuven Balkin Varian 312 3:00 PM Probing light scalars with dense stars
University of California, Santa Cruz
10/27/23 Erwin Tanin Varian 312 3:00 PM Forging Antihelium in a Dark Matter Crucible
Stanford University
11/03/23 Tanner Trickle Varian 312 3:00 PM Searching for High Frequency Gravitational Waves with Phonons
11/17/23 Zach Bogorad Varian 312 3:00 PM Constraints on Long-Range Interactions of Dark Matter
Stanford University
12/15/23 Sarah Geller Varian 312 3:00 PM Planck Constraints and GWs from Primordial Black Hole Dark Matter
University of California, Santa Cruz
01/12/24 Inbar Savoray Varian 312
3:00 PM Learning New Physics from Data – a Symmetrized Approach
UC Berkeley
01/19/24 Harikrishnan Ramani Varian 312
3:00 PM Exothermic Detection for SUSY inspired Dark Matter models
University of Delaware and Stanford University
01/26/24 Mustafa Amin Varian 312 3:00 PM A lower bound on the mass of dark matter
Rice University
02/02/24 Marios Galanis Varian 312 3:00 PM Probing AGN physics and the Hubble constant with intensity interferometry
Perimeter Institute
02/09/24 Aurora Ireland Varian 312 3:00 PM Supermassive primordial black holes from inflation
University of Chicago
02/16/24 Simon Knapen Varian 312 3:00 PM The Sound of Dark Matter
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
02/23/24 Manoj Kaplinghat Varian 312 3:00 PM Gravothermal collapse in dark matter halos
University of California, Irvine
03/01/24 Alessandro Podo Varian 312 3:00 PM S-matrix positivity without Lorentz invariance
Columbia University
03/08/24 Melissa Diamond Varian 312 3:00 PM Producing Dark Compact Structure Before Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Queen's University
03/22/24 Giacomo Marocco Varian 312 3:00 PM Optomechanical searches for dark nuclear decays
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
04/05/24 Hengameh Bagherian Varian 312 3:00 PM Constraining Interacting Dark Radiation with Lyman-α
Harvard University
04/12/24 Gustavo Marques-Tavares Varian 312 3:00 PM Interacting dark sector and cosmological tensions
University of Utah
04/26/24 Alexander Kusenko Varian 312 3:00 PM Primordial black holes as dark matter
UCLA and Kavli IPMU
05/03/24 Gordan Krnjaic Varian 312 3:00 PM Reviving MeV-GeV Indirect Detection with Inelastic Dark Matter
Fermilab and University of Chicago
05/10/24 Zhiquan Sun Varian 312 3:00 PM The quality/cosmology tension for a post-inflationary QCD axion
05/17/24 Hongwan Liu Varian 312 3:00 PM Fast and Differentiable Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, University of Chicago & Fermilab
05/24/24 Nathaniel Craig Varian 312 3:00 PM Internal Supersymmetry and the Hierarchy Problem
University of California Santa Barbara

SITP Seminars and Meetings

Date Speaker Location Time Title Affiliation
10/19/23 Richard Nally Varian 206 2:00 PM Evidence for KKLT de Sitter Vacua
Cornell University
10/20/23 Rifath Khan Varian 355 1:30 PM Cauchy Slice Holography and the Semiclassical Approximation
Stanford University
10/27/23 Tamara Kohler Varian 355 1:30 PM Supersymmetry in quantum complexity: clique homology is QMA_1-hard
Stanford University
11/03/23 Jinzhao Wang Varian 355 1:30 PM What exactly does Bekenstein bound?
Stanford University
11/10/23 Shunyu Yao Varian 355 1:30 PM Scramblon interactions
Stanford University
11/17/23 Renato Renner Zoom 1:30 PM Commuting Operations Factorise
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH Zurich)
11/30/23 Erez Urbach Varian 206 1:30 PM The black hole/string transition in anti de Sitter space
Weizmann Institute of Science
12/01/23 Scott Collier Varian 355 1:30 PM The Virasoro Minimal String
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
12/07/23 Scott Collier Varian 355 11:00 AM 3d quantum gravity and Virasoro TQFT
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
12/07/23 Tom Hartman Varian 355 1:00 PM Averaged null energy and the renormalization group
Cornell University
12/08/23 Yikun Jiang Varian 355 11:00 AM Hartle-Hawking state, factorization and tensor network in 3d gravity
Northeastern University
12/08/23 Wan Zhen Chua Varian 355 1:30 PM Microcanonical states in higher dimensions, and WdW wavefunction & observables in 3d gravity.
Cornell University
01/12/24 Shiraz Minwalla Varian 355 1:30 PM New Entropy formulae from Grey Galaxies and Revolving black holes in AdS
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)
01/26/24 Adel Ashraf Rahman Varian 355 1:30 PM The Many Temperatures of de Sitter Space
Stanford University
02/02/24 Sungyeon Yang Varian 355 1:30 PM Boundary dual for the dS_3 static patch with local bulk matter
Stanford University
02/09/24 Emil Martinec Varian 355 1:30 PM BTZ black holes – a worldsheet perspective
University of Chicago
02/16/24 Matthew Dodelson Varian 355 1:30 PM Black hole bulk-cone singularities
02/23/24 Rajesh Gopakumar Varian 355 1:30 PM Beyond Free Fields in AdS_3/CFT_2: Integrability in the Symmetric Product Orbifold
ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru
03/01/24 Carl Caves Varian 355 1:30 PM One Hundred Years After Heisenberg: Discovering the World of Simultaneous Measurements of Noncommuting Observables
University of New Mexico
03/08/24 Shota Komatsu Varian 355 1:30 PM Gravity from quantum mechanics of finite matrices
03/15/24 Aidan Herderschee Varian 355 1:30 PM Three Point Amplitudes and Emergent Symmetries in Matrix Theory
Institute for Advanced Study
05/03/24 Jan Albert Varian 355 1:30 PM Bootstrapping mesons at large N
Stony Brook University

Weekly Group Meetings

ThursdaySITP Student Journal Club MeetingVarian 355 / Zoom    5:30 PM
FridayQuantum Information Group MeetingVarian 355 / Zoom    10:30 AM

Past SITP Seminar Schedules


SITP Monday Colloquia

09/19/22Jorrit KruthoffVarian 3552:00 PMSingularity MusingsInstitute for Advanced Study
10/31/22Matthew DodelsonZoom10:00 AMOrbits, scars, and supersymmetric instantonsEuropean Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
11/07/22Gabriel WongVarian 3552:00 PM3d gravity and gravitational entanglement entropyHarvard
11/14/22Atakan Hilmi FiratVarian 3552:00 PMCharacterizing 4-string contact interaction using machine learningEuropean Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
11/28/22Ohad MamroudVarian 3552:00 PMThe Supersymmetric Index and its Holographic InterpretationWeizmann
12/12/22Nemanja KaloperVarian 3552:00 PMQuantum-Mechanical Mechanism for Reducing the Cosmological ConstantUC Davis
12/12/22Javier MagánVarian 3553:30 PMA tale of two hungarians: tridiagonalizing random matricesBariloche
01/23/23Nathan BenjaminVarian 3552:00 PMScalar Modular Bootstrap and Zeros of the Riemann Zeta FunctionCaltech
02/13/23Joaquin TuriaciVarian 3552:00 PMRandom Matrix Universality for Black Holes in SupergravityInstitute for Advanced Study

Friday Phenomenology Group Seminars

11/04/22Philip MansfieldPAB 102/1033:00 PMIs JWST Already Probing Fundamental Physics With Ancient Galaxies?Stanford
11/11/22Soubhik KumarPAB 102/1033:00 PMHeavy Axions across Frontiers: Searches at X-ray/Gamma-ray Telescopes and Beam Dump FacilitiesBerkeley
11/18/22Oren SloneVarian 3551:30 PMA Path to Detecting Self-Interacting Dark Matter using Astrophysical Sub-StructureRecordingNew York University
12/02/22Erwin TaninPAB 102/1033:00 PMDark Solar WindJohns Hopkins

Weekly Group Meetings

ThursdaySITP Student Journal Club MeetingVarian 355 / Zoom    5:30 P.M.
FridayQuantum Information Group MeetingVarian 355 / Zoom    10:30 A.M.

SITP Seminars and Meetings

09/16/22Jonathan OppenheimVarian 3552:00 PMGravitationally induced decoherence vs space-time diffusion: testing the quantum nature of gravityUniversity College London

SITP Monday Colloquia

09/20/21Oliver PhilcoxVarian 3552:00 PMLarge Scale Structure Beyond the 2-Point FunctionPrinceton University
10/04/21Ana-Maria RaclariuZoom2:00 PMProgress in Celestial Holography
Recording | Slides
Perimeter Institute
10/11/21Ofer AharonyZoom11:00 AMTowards an explicit theory of quantum gravity
10/18/21Liam McAllisterZoom2:00 PMSmall Cosmological Constants in String Theory
10/25/21Wendy FreedmanZoom2:00 PMThe Hubble Tension: Is There Evidence for New Physics?University of Chicago
11/01/21Donal O'ConnellZoom11:00 AMThe double copy from Coulomb to Kerr
Recording | Slides
University of Edinburgh
11/08/21Alexander ZhiboedevZoom2:00 PMProbing relativistic jelly with light-ray operatorsEuropean Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
11/15/21Gian GiudiceZoom2:00 PMSelf-Organised Localisation
11/29/21Madalena LemosZoom2:00 PMBootstrapping strongly coupled super-conformal field theoriesDurham
12/06/21Dalimil MazacZoom2:00 PMAutomorphic Spectra and the Conformal BootstrapIAS
12/13/21Aram HarrowZoom11:00 AMPhase transitions in the complexity of simulating random shallow quantum circuitsMIT
01/31/22Gino IsidoriZoom11:00 AMFlavour Physics: Old problems and recent hopes
University of Zürich
02/28/22Finn LarsenVarian 355 and Zoom2:00 PMThermodynamics of Supersymmetric Black Holes
University of Michigan
03/07/22John ImbrieVarian 3552:00 PMMany-Body Localization and its Discontents
University of Virginia
03/14/22Jan De BoerVarian 3552:00 PMQuantum gravity and statistical physics
University of Amsterdam
03/28/22Marco CirelliZoom10:00 AMDark Matter Indirect Searches as of 2022
04/11/22Dam Thanh SonVarian 3552:00 PMBosonization of Fermi Surfaces and Coadjoint Orbits
University of Chicago
05/02/22Daniel GreenVarian 3552:00 PMA dS EFT
University of California, San Diego
05/09/22Maya FishbachVarian 3552:00 PMAstrophysics and Cosmology with Black Hole Mergers
Northwestern University
05/23/22Natalie PaquetteVarian 3552:00 PMNew thoughts on old gauge amplitudes
University of Washington
06/06/22 Varian 3552:00 PMJT gravity with propagating matter, and the ETH as a matrix model
Harvard University
09/19/22Jorrit KruthoffVarian 3552:00 PMSingularity MusingsInstitute for Advanced Study

Friday Phenomenology Group Seminars

09/03/21Harikrishnan RamaniVarian 3554:00 PMDetection of terrestrial 'millicharges' - part 2Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
09/17/21Liam McAllisterZoom2:00 PMPQ Axiverse
10/22/21Anirban DasVarian 3553:30 PM'Direct Detection' of Dark AsteroidsSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
10/29/21Alex FieguthVarian 3553:30 PMProbing non-Newtonian gravity with optically levitated force sensorsStanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
11/05/21Simona MurgiaVarian 3553:30 PMGamma-ray observations of the Galactic center and Andromeda: dark matter implicationsUC Irvine
11/19/21Itay BlochVarian 3553:30 PMThe NASDUCK collaboration: using quantum magnetometers to look for ultralight dark matterTel Aviv
12/03/21Davide RaccoZoom2:00 PMUtilizing the causal spectrum of gravitational wavesSITP
12/10/21Alexander MillarZoom and Varian 3553:30 PMDark photon limits: a cookbookU Stockholm
02/04/22Ben GarberVarian 3553:30 PMAtom Interferometry for Fundamental PhysicsStanford University
02/11/22Steffen HagstotzZoom10:00 AMCosmology with Fast Radio BurstsLMU Munich
02/18/22Wolfgang AltmannshoferVarian 3553:30 PMHints for New Physics in B DecaysUC Santa Cruz
02/25/22Christina GaoPAB 102/103 and Zoom3:30 PMSearching for Dark Particles with Light (and Quantum Technologies)Fermilab
03/04/22Nadav OutmezguinePAB 102/103 and Zoom3:30 PMThe Universal Evolution of SIDM HalosUC Berkeley
03/18/22Nicolas FernandezPAB 102/1033:30 PMFreeze-in, glaciation, and UV sensitivity from light mediatorsUIUC
04/08/22Rebecca LeanePAB 102/1033:30 PMFloating Dark Matter in Celestial BodiesSLAC
04/22/22Zach BogoradPAB 102/103 and Zoom3:30 PMUltralight Millicharged Dark Matter via MisalignmentStanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
05/06/22Patrick StengelPAB 102/103 and Zoom3:30 PMNeutrino point source searches for dark matter spikesScuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA)
05/20/22Annika PeterVarian 355 and Zoom3:30 PMCount your halosOhio State University
05/27/22Benjamin SafdiVarian 355 and Zoom3:30 PMThe axion massUC Berkeley/LBNL
10/07/22Philip MansfieldPAB 102/1033:00 PMIs JWST Already Probing Fundamental Physics With Ancient Galaxies?KIPAC

SITP Seminars and Meetings

10/14/21Shangnan ZhouVarian 35510:00 AMNew Era of Quantum Information and Machine Learning
Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
10/28/21Masanori HanadaZoom10:00 AMConfinement/deconfinement transition in the D0-brane matrix model -- A signature of M-theory?University of Surrey
04/14/22Igor KlebanovVarian 3123:30 PMO(N), Sp(2M), and OSp(1|2M) ModelsPrinceton University
04/22/22Nicole Yunger HalpernVarian 3552:00 PMResource theory of quantum uncomplexityQuICS / National Institute of Standards and Technology / University of Maryland

2020-21 Weekly Group Meetings

Day Group Location Time
Wednesday TTbar Group Meeting Varian 355 1:30 P.M.
Thursday SITP Student Journal Club Meeting Varian 355 5:30 P.M.
Friday Quantum Information Group Meeting Varian 355 10:30 A.M.


2020-21 Virtual Seminars

Date Speaker Time Title Affiliation
09/08/20 Alexey Milekhin 2:00 P.M. Quantum error correction and large N (Recording) University of California, Santa Barbara
10/01/20 Suvrat Raju 8:00 P.M. Holography of information from semiclassical gravity (Recording) International center for Theoretical Sciences
10/05/20 Leonardo Senatore 2:00 P.M. A de-Sitter no-hair theorem for spacetimes with isometry group forming two-dimensional orbits (Recording) Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
10/12/20 Netta Engelhardt 2:00 P.M. Free Energy from Replica Wormholes (Recording) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10/15/20 Sam McDermott 2:00 P.M. New Physics and the Black Hole Mass Gap Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
10/19/20 Lorenz Eberhardt 2:00 P.M. Partition functions of the tensionless string (Recording) Institute for Advanced Study
10/22/20 Stephen Taylor 2:00 P.M. New results from the Pulsar Timing Array hunt for nanohertz-frequency gravitational waves (Recording) Vanderbilt University
10/26/20 Petr Hořava 2:00 P.M. Large N Expansion and String Theory Out of Equilibrium (Recording) University of California, Berkeley
10/29/20 Ken Van Tilburg 2:00 P.M. Stellar Basins of Gravitationally Bound Particles (Recording) New York University
11/02/20 Vijay Balasubramanian 2:00 P.M. Knitting wormholes by entanglement in supergravity (Recording) University of Pennsylvania
11/12/20 Harikrishnan Ramani 2:00 P.M. What lies above the direct detection ceiling? Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
11/12/20 Gabriel Wong 4:00 P.M. Entanglement entropy and edge modes in topological string theory (Recording) Fudan University
11/16/20 Sung-Sik Lee 2:00 P.M. A model of quantum gravity with emergent spacetime (Recording) McMaster University
11/19/20 Tongyan Lin 2:00 P.M. Directly detecting sub-GeV dark matter with crystal targets University of California, San Diego
11/30/20 Alejandra Castro 2:00 P.M. The Spectrum of Near-Extremal Rotating Black Hole (Recording) University of Amsterdam
12/03/20 Ofri Telem 2:00 P.M. Axion Strings are Superconducting University of California, Berkeley
12/07/20 David Huse 2:00 P.M. Many-body-localization to thermalization phase transition Princeton University
12/10/20 Anson Hook 2:00 P.M. Fun with cosmic strings : A CMB Millikan experiment and colliders in the sky University of Maryland
12/10/20 Rajesh Gopakumar 7:00 P.M. From Symmetric Product CFTs to AdS_3 (Recording) International Centre for Theoretical Sciences
12/17/20 Rebecca Leane 2:00 P.M. A Story of the Galactic Center Excess SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
01/25/21 Emil Martinec  2:00 P.M. In Pursuit of the Hirsute: Finding Fuzz Around Black Holes (Recording) University of Chicago
01/28/21 Daniel Egaña-Ugrinovic 2:00 P.M. Sources of Low-Energy Events in Low-Threshold Dark Matter Detectors (Recording) Perimeter Institute
02/01/21 Slava Rychkov 11:00 A.M. Replicas and RG: case study of Random Field Ising Model (Recording | Slides)

Université Paris-Saclay

02/04/21 Prateek Agrawal 12:00 P.M. Topological Gravity as the Early Phase of our Universe (Recording) University of Oxford
02/08/21 Jorge Kurchan 2:00 P.M. An unexpected bridge between Black Holes and glasses (Recording) École normale supérieure
02/11/21 Isabel Garcia-Garcia 12:00 P.M. P not PQ (Recording) Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
02/18/21 Hongwan Liu 2:00 P.M. Dark photons and the cosmic radiation background (Recording) New York University
02/25/21 Nathaniel Craig 2:00 P.M.  LHC Quo Vadis (Recording) University of California, Santa Barbara
03/01/21 Renato Renner 2:00 P.M. A thought experiment to test the range of validity of quantum theory (Recording) Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich
03/04/21 Matthew Mccullough 2:00 P.M. Dispersing New Physics (Recording) University of Cambridge
03/08/21 Joao Penedones 11:00 A.M. Bootstrapping Effective Field Theories: pions and supergravitons (Recording) École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
03/11/21 Olivier Simon 11:00 A.M. Black Hole Superradiance of Self-Interacting Scalar Fields (Recording) Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
03/15/21 Matias Zaldarriaga 2:00 P.M. GW astrophysics with LIGO/VIRGO data (Recording | Slides) Institute for Advanced Study
03/18/21 Mariangela Lisanti 2:00 P.M. Prospects for Axion Detection with the Princeton Comagnetometer Experiment (Recording) Princeton University
03/29/21 Azadeh Maleknejad 2:00 P.M. Is Our Universe the Remnant of Chiral Anomaly in Inflation? (Recording | Slides) CERN
04/01/21 Jose Bernal 12:30 P.M. Hidden Symmetry of Vanishing Love (Recording) New York University
04/01/21 Jose Bernal 2:00 P.M. The trouble with H0 (and beyond) (Recording) Johns Hopkins University
04/05/21 Jared Kaplan 2:00 P.M. Scaling Laws in Machine Learning and GPT-3 Johns Hopkins University
04/09/21 Diego Redigolo 2:00 P.M. Ripples in Spacetime from broken SUSY (Recording) CERN
04/12/21 Sameer Murthy 11:00 A.M. Black hole microstates from matrices, and phases of super Yang-Mills theory (Recording) King's College London
04/16/21 Nancy Aggarwal 2:00 P.M. Gravitational waves at frequencies > 10 kHz (Recording) Northwestern University
04/19/21 Lance Dixon 2:00 P.M. Discussion on muon g-2 SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory<
04/23/21 Zhengkang Zhang 12:30 P.M. Effective Field Theory of Dark Matter Direct Detection With Collective Excitations (Recording) California Institute of Technology
04/26/21 Jorge Santos 10:00 A.M. AdS Euclidean Wormholes (Recording) University of Cambridge
04/29/21 Hazel Mak 12:30 P.M. Construction of 1D, N = 4 Supersymmetric SYK-Type Vertices (Recording) Brown University
04/30/21 Zhen Liu 11:30 A.M. LHC opportunities in long-lived signatures from hidden sectors (Recording) University of Minnesota
05/03/21 Yu-tin Huang 4:00 P.M. IR constraints on UV physics: Bounds from the EFThedron (Recording) National Taiwan University
05/07/21 David Curtin 12:30 P.M. A no-lose theorem for discovering the new physics of (g-2) (Recording) University of Toronto
05/10/21 Junwu Huang 2:00 P.M. Showers at the cosmological collider Perimeter Institute
05/14/21 Evan McDonough 12:30 P.M. Catastrophic Production of Slow Gravitinos (Recording) University of Chicago
05/17/21 Veronika Hubeny 2:00 P.M. Holographic Entropy Cone from Marginal Independence (Recording) University of California, Davis
05/21/21 Julian Muñoz 12:30 P.M. 21-cm cosmology in 2021 Harvard University
05/24/21 Nina Holden 10:00 A.M. Liouville quantum gravity in probability theory (Recording) Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
05/28/21 Patrick Huber 12:30 P.M. Passive low-energy nuclear recoil detection with color centers (Recording) Virginia Tech
06/03/21 Micha Berkooz 10:30 A.M. Multi-trace correlators in the SYK model and Non-geometric wormholes (Recording) Weizmann Institute of Science
06/11/21 Saarik Kalia 2:00 P.M. The Earth as a transducer for dark-photon dark-matter detection (Recording) Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
06/18/21 David Cyncynates 2:00 P.M. Axiverse Dark Matter Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics

2019-20 SITP  Weekly Group Meetings

WednesdayTTbar Group MeetingVarian 3551:30 P.M.
ThursdaySITP Student Journal Club MeetingVarian 3555:30 P.M.
FridayQuantum Information Group MeetingVarian 35510:30 A.M.

 2019-20 Virtual Seminars

03/23/20 (Monday)Brandon Rayhaun2:00 P.M.Conformal field theories with exceptional symmetry (Recording)Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
03/30/20 (Monday)Gustavo J. Turiaci2:00 P.M.Statistical mechanics of near extremal black holes (Recording)University of California, Santa Barbara
04/06/20 (Monday)John McGreevy2:00 P.M.Towards a 3d Ising model with a weakly-coupled string theory dual (Recording)University of California, San Diego
04/13/20 (Monday)Herman Verlinde2:00 P.M.On the Entropy of an Einstein-Rosen Bridge (Recording)Princeton University
04/20/20 (Monday)Pengfei Zhang2:00 P.M.Replica wormhole and information retrieval in the SYK model coupled to Majorana chains (Recording)California Institute of Technology
04/23/20 (Thursday)Robert Lasenby3:00 P.M.Long range dark matter self-interactions and plasma instabilitiesStanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
04/27/20 (Monday)Nathan Seiberg2:00 P.M.Continuum Quantum Field Theories for Fractons (Recording)Institute for Advanced Study
05/04/20 (Monday)Hong Liu2:00 P.M.Void formation in operator growth, quantum chaos and black hole evaporation (Recording)Massachusetts Institute of Technology
05/07/20 (Thursday)Sjoert Van Velzen3:00 P.M.Stellar tidal disruption events: new tools for black hole astrophysicsNew York University
05/11/20 (Monday)Po-shen Hsin2:00 P.M.Berry phase in quantum field theory (Slides)California Institute of Technology
05/18/20 (Monday)Tom Hartman2:00 P.M.Sphere packing, 3d gravity, and the bootstrap (Recording)Cornell University
06/01/20 (Monday)Riccardo Rattazzi2:00 P.M.Multilegs, Superfluids and Semiclassics (Recording | Slides)École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
06/04/20 (Thursday)David Reis and Sebastian Meuren3:00 P.M.Studies of strong-field QED in laser-ultrarelativistic-electron-beam collisionsStanford PULSE Institute / SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
06/08/20 (Monday)Kristan Jansen2:00 P.M.Wormholes in AdS3 gravity and random matrix theory (Recording)San Francisco State University
06/15/20 (Monday)Finn Larsen2:00 P.M.Microscopic Entropy of AdS Black Holes (Recording | Slides}University of Michigan
06/22/20 (Monday)Sean Hartnoll2:00 P.M.Classical aspects of the black hole interior (Recording)Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
06/25/20 (Thursday)Victor Gorbenko3:00 P.M.RG Flows and Hierarchy ProblemStanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
07/13/20 (Monday)Shinsei Ryu2:00 P.M.Entanglement negativity and reflected entropy after quantum quench in 2d CFTs (Recording)University of Chicago
07/23/20 (Thursday)Ben Safdi2:00 P.M.Novel stellar probes of axion and axion dark matterUniversity of Michigan
07/27/20 (Monday)Hirosi Ooguri2:00 P.M.Stringy Tidal Effects Near Black Hole Photon Spheres (Recording)California Institute of Technology
08/03/20 (Monday)Kevin Costello2:00 P.M.Integrable field theories from four-dimensional gauge theory (Recording)Perimeter Institute
08/10/20 (Monday)Juan Maldacena2:00 P.M.Bra-ket wormholes in gravitationally prepared states (Recording)Institute for Advanced Study
08/13/20 (Thursday)Victor Godet11:00 A.M.New boundary conditions for JT gravity (Recording)University of Amsterdam
08/31/20 (Monday)Eva Silverstein2:00 P.M.The positive potential of negative curvature (Recording)Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics

2019-20 Monday Colloquia

09/30/19Gautam SatishchandranVarian 3552:00 P.M.The Memory Effect, Asymptotic Symmetries and Infrared Divergences in Classical and Quantum GravityUniversity of Chicago
10/07/19Nathan BenjaminVarian 3552:00 P.M.Lightcone modular bootstrap and pure gravityPrinceton University
10/14/19Steven GiddingsVarian 3552:00 P.M.Quantum information and its localization in quantum gravityUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
10/21/19Kaloian LozanovVarian 3552:00 P.M.The equation of state after inflationMax Planck Institute for Astrophysics
10/28/19Zohar KomargodskiVarian 3552:00 P.M.2+1 Dimensional Yang-Mills TheorySimons Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook University
11/11/19Gabriel WongVarian 3552:00 P.M.Entanglement and extended conformal field theoryFudan University
11/18/19Alexander MillarVarian 3552:00 P.M.Searching for axion dark matter with tuneable plasma haloscopesStockholm University
11/25/19Eliot HijanoVarian 3552:00 P.M.Constructing flat holography using AdS/CFTPrinceton University
01/27/20Guy Gur-AriVarian 3552:00 P.M.Large N expansion for wide neural networksGoogle X
02/03/20Lloyd KnoxVarian 3552:00 P.M.The Hubble Hunter’s GuideUniversity of California, Davis
02/10/20Giovanni VilladoroVarian 3552:00 P.M.More axions from stringsInternational Centre for Theoretical Physics
03/02/20Ning BaoVarian 3552:00 P.M.hypergraphs and entanglement entropiesUniversity of California, Berkeley

2019-20 Thursday Seminars

09/26/19Avia RavivVarian 35512:30 P.M.Supersymmetric Lifshitz Field TheoriesTel-Aviv University
10/10/19Javier MagánVarian 35512:30 P.M.Entanglement entropy and superselection sectorsInstituto Balseiro, Centro Atómico de Bariloche
10/24/19Sungwoo HongVarian 35512:30 P.M.Conformal Freeze inCornell University
10/31/19David McGadyVarian 35512:30 P.M.Finite temperatures and modular formsNiels Bohr Institute
11/07/19Bogdan GanchevVarian 35512:30 P.M.Weak Cosmic Censorship in Einstein-Scalar theory in flat 4DCambridge University
11/14/19Alex JahnVarian 35512:30 P.M.Fermionic Gaussian states and holographyFree University of Berlin
12/05/19Evangelos SfakianakisVarian 35512:30 P.M.Preheating on Curved Field-Space ManifoldsNational Institute for Subatomic Physics Nikhef | Leiden University
12/12/19Yi WangVarian 35512:30 P.M.Inflation as a Cosmological ColliderThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
01/09/20Abhiram KidambiVarian 35512:30 P.M.1/4 BPS black hole degeneracies from 1/2 BPS black hole degeneracies: An exact formula for black hole polar degeneraciesVienna University of Technology
01/30/20Alexander VikmanVarian 35512:30 P.M.Go GlobalCentral European Institute for Cosmology and Fundamental Physics
02/03/20Paul RomatschkeVarian 355:12:30 P.M.Pure CFT Thermodynamics and Fractional Degrees of FreedomUniversity of Colorado, Boulder
02/20/20Atish DabholkarVarian 35512:30 P.M.Three Avatars of Mock ModularityInternational Centre for Theoretical Physics
02/27/20Alexandre BelinVarian 35512:30 P.M.New holographic CFTs: finding the needle in the haystackEuropean Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)yes

2019-20 Other Seminars

08/09/19 (Friday)Miguel EscuderoVarian 3124:00 P.M.Very Light and Weakly Coupled Neutrinophilic Bosons and the Hubble TensionKing's College London
08/26/19 (Monday)Vasudev ShyamVarian 3552:00 P.M.TTbar deformation and diffeomorphism invariancePerimeter Institute
11/01/19 (Friday)Kim BergausVarian 3124:00 P.M.Thermal Friction in Early CosmologyJohns Hopkins University
11/08/19 (Friday)James UnwinVarian 3124:00 P.M.Tweaking the Dark Matter Abundance with CosmologyUniversity of Illinois, Chicago
11/15/19 (Friday)Horng Sheng ChiaVarian 3124:00 P.M.Gravitational Collider PhysicsUniversity of Amsterdam
12/06/19 (Wednesday)Sukhi SinghVarian 35511:00 A.M.Scale and Translation invariant Tensor NetworksMax Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
12/06/19 (Wednesday)Sukhi SinghVarian 35511:00 A.M.Scale and Translation invariant Tensor NetworksMax Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
12/16/19 (Tuesday)Yijian ZouVarian 31211:00 A.M.Interacting cMERA -- a non-perturbative approach to QFTsPerimeter Institute
01/10/20 (Friday)Akshay GhalsasiVarian 3124:00 PM.Superradiance and the Spins of Black Holes from LIGO and X-ray binariesUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
01/17/20 (Friday)Markus LutyVarian 3124:00 P.M.Blowing in the Dark Matter WindUniversity of California, Davis
02/07/20 (Friday)Ofri TelemVarian 3124:00 P.M.Self Destructing Atomic DMUniversity of California, Berkeley
02/14/20 (Friday)Daniel Egana-UgrinovicVarian 3123:00 P.M.New physics in the Higgs sectorPerimeter Institute
02/21/20 (Friday)Anirudh PrabhuVarian 3124:00 P.M.Optical Properties of Dense Axion ConfigurationsStanford Institute for Theoretical Physics


09/24/18Eric BraatenVarian 3552:00 P.M.Axion StarsOhio State University
10/01/18Tom RudeliusVarian 3552:00 P.M.The Landscape of Swampland ConjecturesInstitute for Advanced Study | Princeton University
10/08/18Senthil TodadriVarian 3552:00 P.M.Topology, quantum criticality, and dualityMassachusetts Institute of Technology
10/15/18Gonzalo TorrobaVarian 3552:00 P.M.Entanglement and irreversibility on the light-coneCentro Atómico Bariloche | Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET)
10/22/18Steven KivelsonVarian 3552:00 P.M.The Electron-Phonon ProblemStanford University
10/29/18Felix HaehlVarian 3552:00 P.M.Fine-grained quantum chaos and effective field theory of scrambling in CFTsUniversity of British Columbia
11/05/18Gary HorowitzVarian 3552:00 P.M.Cosmic Censorship in Anti-de Sitter SpacetimeUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
11/12/18András VasyVarian 3552:00 P.M.The stability of Kerr-de Sitter space and global analysisStanford University
11/26/18Ken Van TilburgVarian 3552:00 P.M.Halometry from AstrometryInstitute for Advanced Study | New York University
12/03/18Greg MooreVarian 3552:00 P.M.Finding The Golay Code In A K3 Sigma-ModelRutgers University
12/10/18Albion LawrenceVarian 3552:00 P.M.Entanglement and coarse-grained quantum dynamicsBrandeis University
01/07/19Surjeet RajendranVarian 3552:00 P.M.Firewalls in General RelativityUniversity of California, Berkeley
01/14/19Srinivas RaghuVarian 3552:00 P.M.Statistical physics of electrons in a half-filled lowest Landau levelStanford University
02/04/19Sidney RednerVarian 3552:00 P.M.Fate of Kinetic Ising and Potts ModelsSanta Fe Institute
02/11/19David Simmons-DuffinVarian 3552:00 P.M.Light-rays and Lorentzian singularities in CFTsCalifornia Institute of Technology
02/25/19Mustafa AminVarian 3552:00 P.M.Gravitational Aspects of Solitons in CosmologyRice University
03/04/19Veronika HubenyVarian 3552:00 P.M.Holographic Entropy ArrangementUniversity of California, Davis
03/11/19Hayden LeeVarian 3552:00 P.M.Bootstrapping Inflationary CorrelatorsHarvard University
03/18/19Burak ŞahinoğluVarian 3552:00 P.M.Quantum Error-Detection at Low EnergiesCalifornia Institute of Technology
04/08/19Grant RemmenVarian 3552:00 P.M.Holographic Area Laws and Outer EntropyUniversity of California, Berkeley
04/15/19Uros SeljakVarian 3552:00 P.M.In search of optimal big data analysis: from cosmology to machine learningUniversity of California, Berkeley
04/22/19Thomas DumitrescuVarian 3552:00 P.M.Fun with Large-N QCD in Three DimensionsUniversity of California, Los Angeles
04/29/19Laura FredricksonVarian 3552:00 P.M.Asymptotic Geometry of the Hitchin moduli spaceStanford University
05/06/19Lampros LamprouVarian 3552:00 P.M.Entanglement as a connection for holographic spacetimesMassachusetts Institute of Technology
05/13/19Temple HeVarian 3552:00 P.M.Asymptotic Symmetries and the Soft Photon Theorem in Arbitrary DimensionUniversity of California, Davis
05/20/19Netta EngelhardtVarian 3552:00 P.M.On the Road to Cosmic Censorship: the Penrose Inequality in AdS/CFTPrinceton University
06/03/19Brian SwingleVarian 3552:00 P.M.A Sparse Model of Quantum HolographyUniversity of Maryland
06/10/19John CardyVarian 3552:00 P.M.The TTbar Deformation of 2d Quantum Field TheoryUniversity of California, Berkeley



09/27/18Thomas VidickVarian 35512:30 P.M.A Cryptographic Test of Quantumness and Certifiable Randomness from a Single Quantum DeviceCalifornia Institute of Technology
10/04/18Vladimir NarovlanskyVarian 35512:30 P.M.The renormalization group of quenched disorderWeizmann Institute
10/11/18Leonid PryadkoVarian 35512:30 P.M.Overview of quantum LDPC codesUniversity of California, Riverside
10/18/18Anne BroadbentVarian 35512:30 P.M.Quantum UnclonabilityUniversity of Ottawa
10/25/18Bernardo ZanVarian 35512:30 P.M.Walking, Weak first-order transitions, and Complex CFTsÉcole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
11/01/18Chen SunVarian 35512:30 P.M.Particle Phenomenology in the Era of Gravitational Wave AstronomyBrown University
11/08/18Juan MaldacenaVarian 35512:30 P.M.Traversable WormholesInstitute for Advanced Study
11/15/18Gabriel WongVarian 35512:30 P.M.Entanglement Branes, Modular Flow, and Extended TQFTFudan University
11/29/18Chen-Te MaVarian 35512:30 P.M.Randomness and ChaosCape Town University | South China Normal University
12/06/18Louise AndersonVarian 35512:30 P.M.Localisation, 3d quiver gauge theories and quantum phase transitionsStanford University
12/13/18Wenzhe YangVarian 3552:00 P.M.Pure MotivesStanford University
12/20/18Pranjal NayakVarian 35512:30 P.M.Symmetries of Amplitudes in N=2 Chern-Simons Matter theoryUniversity of Kentucky
01/17/19Guido d'AmicoVarian 35512:30 P.M.Neutrino flavour as a test of the explosion mechanism of core-collapse supernovaeStanford University
01/24/19Avishay TalVarian 35512:30 P.M.Oracle Separation of BQP and the Polynomial HierarchyStanford University
01/31/19Sergei GukovVarian 35512:30 P.M.Topology of the space of Quantum Field TheoriesCalifornia Institute of Technology
02/07/19Edgar ShaghoulianVarian 35512:30 P.M.Quantum mechanics in the ultravioletCornell University
02/14/19Stephen ShenkerVarian 35512:30 P.MBlack holes, random matrices, baby universes, and D-branesStanford University
03/14/19Amr AhmadainVarian 35512:30 P.M.Weyl Anomalies in (1+1)-Lifshitz Effective Action from (2+1)-Schrodinger-invariant Horava-Lifshitz Chern-Simons ActionUniversity of Virginia
03/28/19Elias KiritsisVarian 35512:30 P.M.Holographic RG flows, on flat and curved manifolds and F-theoremsAstroparticule et Cosmologie, Université Paris Diderot
04/04/19Arnav TripathyVarian 35512:30 P.M.K3 metrics from little string theoryHarvard University
04/11/19David BermansVarian 35512:30 P.M.An Overview of Double and Exceptional Field TheoryAstroparticule et Cosmologie, Université Paris Diderot
05/30/19Indranil HalderVarian 35512:30 P.M.Matter Chern-Simons Theories in a Background Magnetic FieldTata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai



09/21/18 (Friday)Robert LasenbyVarian 3124:00 P.M.Using coherence to look for dark matterStanford University
10/03/18 (Wednesday)Philip MannheimVarian 35511:00 A.M.Quantum Conformal GravityUniversity of Connecticut
10/19/18 (Friday)Dorota GrabowskaVarian 3124:00 P.M.Detecting Dark BlobsUniversity of California, Berkeley
10/26/18 (Friday)Katelin SchutzVarian 3124:00 P.M.Cosmological signatures of sub-MeV dark matter freeze-inUniversity of California, Berkeley
10/29/18 (Monday)Rajesh GopakumarVarian 31211:00 A.M.On the Polyakov-Mellin bootstrapInternational Centre for Theoretical Sciences
10/30/18 (Tuesday)George KorpasVarian 3123:00 P.M.Topological gauge fields and modular forms: Walking in between physics and mathematicsTrinity College London
11/02/18 (Friday)Ryan JanishVarian 3124:00 P.M.White Dwarfs as Dark Matter DetectorsUniversity of California, Berkeley
11/09/19 (Friday)Nayara FonsecaVarian 3124:00 P.M.Higgs, Relaxion, and Dark MatterDeutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY)
11/16/18 (Friday)Nicholas RoddVarian 3124:00 P.M.A Likelihood Framework for Axion Direct DetectionUniversity of California, Berkeley
11/29/18 (Thursday)Robert LaughlinHewlett 2004:30 P.M.The Brayton BatteryStanford University
11/30/18 (Friday)Junwu HuangVarian 3124:00 P.M.Nonlethal searches for bubbles in our universePerimeter Institute
12/07/18 (Friday)Michael DineVarian 3124:00 P.M.Global Strings and the Axion Dark Matter DensityStanford University
01/15/19 (Tuesday)Leonardo SenatoreHewlett 2014:30 P.M.Field Theory, Geometry and Data in CosmologyStanford University
01/25/19 (Friday)Vijay NarayanVarian 3124:00 P.M.Axion production and detection with superconducting RF cavitiesUniversity of California, Berkeley
02/01/19 (Friday)Zhengkang ZhangVarian 3124:00 P.M.Dark photon dark matter produced by axion oscillationsUniversity of California, Berkeley
02/08/19 (Friday)Davide RaccoVarian 3124:00 P.M.Cosmological signatures of the SM Higgs instability: Primordial Black Holes and Gravitational WavesPerimeter Institute
02/12/19 (Tuesday)Bruno Scheihing HitschfeldVarian 3122:00 P.M.Reconstructing the Inflationary Landscape with Cosmological DataUniversidad de Chile
02/15/19 (Friday)Benoit CollinsVarian 31210:30 A.M.Equivariance and application to entanglement detectionKyoto University
03/01/19 (Friday)Harikrishnan RamaniVarian 3124:00 P.M.Pulsar Timing Probes of Primordial Black Holes and SubhalosUniversity of California, Berkeley
04/05/19 (Friday)Michael FedderkeVarian 3124:00 P.M.Axion Dark Matter Detection with CMB PolarizationStanford University
04/09/19 (Tuesday)Veronika HubenyHewlett 2014:30 P.M.Black Holes, Holography, and EntanglementUniversity of California, Davis
04/12/19 (Friday)Sebastian BaumVarian 3124:00 P.M.Paleo Detectors - Digging for Dark MatterUniversity of Stockholm | Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics
04/26/19 (Friday)Ethan NadlerVarian 3124:00 P.M.Milky Way Satellites: Probes of Dark Matter MicrophysicsStanford University
05/17/19 (Friday)Tudor TironVarian 3124:30 P.M.Ultralight scalar clouds in binariesStanford University
08/09/19 (Friday)Miguel EscuderoVarian 3124:30 P.M.Very Light and Weakly Coupled Neutrinophilic Bosons and the Hubble TensionKing's College London
08/26/19 (Friday)Vasudev ShyamVarian 3124:30 P.M.TBAPerimeter Institute


09/11/17Edi Halyo2:00 P.M.The Holographic Entanglement Entropy of Schwarzschild Black HolesStanford University
09/25/17Shamit Kachru2:00 P.M.Black holes, BPS jumping, and special lociStanford University
10/02/17Dan Freed2:00 P.M.Phases of matter and topologyStanford University
10/09/17Emanuel Katz2:00 P.M.QFT: A New HopeBoston University
10/16/17Diego Hofman2:00 P.M.Generalized global symmetries: formal aspects, holography and hydrodynamicsUniversity of Amsterdam
10/23/17Sri Raghu2:00 P.M.Two-dimensional conductors with interactions and disorder from particle-vortex dualityStanford University
10/30/17Phil Bull2:00 P.M.Tests of gravity at the cosmic horizon scaleNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory | California Institute of Technology
11/06/17Eva Silverstein2:00 P.M.New information in the wavefunction of primordial perturbationsStanford University
11/13/17Tarun Grover2:00 P.M.Chaotic Eigenstates and their Universal Renyi EntropyUniversity of California San Diego
11/27/17Andreas Carch2:00 P.M.A string theory embedding of 3d BosonizationUniversity of Washington
12/11/17Valentin Khoze2:00 P.M.HiggsplosionDurham University
01/22/18Leonardo Rastelli2:00 P.M.Superconformal field theories and vertex algebrasC.N. Yang Insitute for Theoretical Physics
02/05/18Edward Marti2:00 P.M.A three-dimensional optical lattice clock: precision at the 19th digitPrinceton University
02/12/18Peter Graham2:00 P.M.Fine-Tuning, Vorticity, and SingularitiesStanford University
02/26/18Louis Lehner2:00 P.M.Gravitational Waves: Promises, realities and puzzlesPerimeter Instiutte
03/05/18Steven Gubser2:00 P.M.p-adic AdS/CFTPrinceton University
03/12/18Leonardo Senatore2:00 P.M.Field Theory, Geometry and Data in CosmologyStanford University
03/19/18Masaki Yamada2:00 P.M.Inflation in random Gaussian landscapesTufts University
04/02/18Harvey Reall2:00 P.M.Superluminality and PredictabilityUniversity of Cambridge
04/16/18Vedika Khemani2:00 P.M.Driven Phases of Many-Body Quantum MatterHarvard University
04/23/18Tadashi Takayanagi2:00 P.M.Holographic Entanglement of PurificationKyoto University
04/30/18Steve Giddings2:00 P.M.Quantum gravitational subsystems, information transfer, and black hole evolutionUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
05/07/18Sean Hartnoll2:00 P.M.Quantum mechanical bounds on transport from first principlesStanford University
05/14/18Ben Reichardt2:00 P.M.Testing physics with small quantum computersUniversity of Southern California
05/21/18Daniel Holz2:00 P.M.LIGO, gravitational waves, and general relativityUniversity of Chicago



10/26/17Eduardo Teste12:30 P.M.Entropic A theorem and the Markov property of the vacuumInstituto Balseiro, Centro Atomico Bariloche
11/09/17Paolo Creminelli12:30 P.M.Dark Energy after GW170817International Centre for Theoretical Physics
11/16/17Adam Solomon12:30 P.M.Aspects of field theory with higher derivativesUniversity of Pennsylvania
12/14/17Jonathan BenTov12:30 P.M.Gravitational shockwaves on rotating black holesCalifornia Institute of Technology
01/11/18Silviu Pufu12:30 P.M.Topological sectors, supersymmetric localization, and holographyPrinceton University
01/18/18Kristan Jensen12:30 P.M.A zoo of 3d bosonization dualitiesSan Francisco State University
01/25/18Grant Remmen12:30 P.M.Proof of the Weak Gravity Conjecture from Black Hole EntropyUniversity of California, Berkeley
02/01/18Natalie Paquette12:30 P.M.Dual Boundary Conditions in 3d SCFT'sCalifornia Institute of Technology
02/08/18Daniel Jafferis12:30 P.M.A very simple theory of gravityHarvard University
03/08/18Joel Franklin12:30 P.M.The (weak) Gravitational Field of a Dirac MonopoleReed College
03/15/18Yasuhiro Sekino12:30 P.M.Vacuum fluctuations in an ancestor vacuum: A possible dark energy candidateTakushoku University
03/22/18Alexander Westphal12:30 P.M.Pole N-flationDeutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron
03/29/18Netta Engelhardt12:30 P.M.TBAPrinceton University
04/05/18Philippe Faist12:30 P.M.Approximate quantum error correction with covariant codesCalifornia Institute of Technology
04/12/18Vincenzo Scopelliti12:30 P.M.(Quantum) Chaos and hydrodynamics in holography and weakly coupled field theoriesLeiden University
04/19/18Masamichi Miyaji12:30 P.M.AdS from Tensor Networks: Surface/state and OptimizationKyoto University
04/26/18Adam Bouland12:30 P.M.Quantum Supremacy and the Complexity of Random Circuit SamplingUniversity of California, Berkeley
05/03/18Chinmay Nirkhe12:30 P.M.Approximate low-weight check codes and circuit lower bounds for noisy ground statesUniversity of California, Berkeley
05/10/18Victor V. Albert12:30 P.M.Filling cavities to prevent decay: bosonic quantum error correctionCalifornia Institute of Technology
05/17/18Divyanshu Murli1:00 P.M.Absence of U(1) Anomalous Superamplitudes in N≥5 SupergravitiesStanford University
05/24/18Aninda Sinha12:30 P.M.The epsilon expansion using Mellin bootstrapIndian Institute of Science
05/31/18Napat Poovuttikul12:30 P.M.Generalised Global Symmetry, Plasma, Elasticity and HolographyUniversity of Iceland
06/07/18Felix Leditzky12:30 P.M.Dephrasure channel and superadditivity of coherent informationUniversity of Colorado Boulder
06/14/18Kiyoharu Kawana12:30 P.M.Amplification of gravitational motion by weak measurementHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)
07/19/18David Kaplan12:30 P.M.Relaxing the Cosmological ConstantJohns Hopkins University



09/11/17 (Monday)Daniel Freedman4:00 P.M.Coherent Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering—Theory 1974, Experiment 2017Stanford University
09/29/17 (Friday)Ryosuke Sato4:00 P.M.Secondary astrophysical production of anti-deuteron and anti-Helium3 cosmic rayWeizmann Institute of Science
10/13/17 (Friday)Sebastian Ellis4:00 P.M.Instability of Lightest Visible Superpartner Points to Hidden Sector Dark MatterSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
10/20/17 (Friday)Shira Chapman1:00 P.M.Complexity in holography and QFTPerimeter Institute
10/27/17 (Friday)Xun Gao10:30 A.M.Efficient simulation of noisy quantum circuitsTsinghua University
10/27/17 (Friday)Gustavo J. Turiaci1:00 P.M.Aspects of the Schwarzian TheoryPrinceton University
10/27/17 (Friday)Michael Fedderke4:00 P.M.Relaxation of the Composite Higgs Little HierarchyStanford University | University of California, Berkeley
10/30/17 (Monday)Alexander Dolgov4:00 P.M.Massive primordial black holesNovosibirsk State University
11/03/17 (Friday)Jeff Dror4:00 P.M.New constraints on light vectors coupled to non-conserved currentsUniversity of California, Berkeley
11/10/17 (Friday)Onur Hostel4:00 P.M.Atomic spin squeezing - concepts and experimentsStanford University
11/17/17 (Friday)Yu-Dai Tsai12:00 P.M.Respect the ELDER: New Thermal Target for Dark Matter Direct DetectionCornell University
11/17/17 (Friday)Masha Baryakhtar4:00 P.M.Looking for axions and dark photons in photonic crystalsPerimeter Institute
12/01/17 (Friday)Robert Lasenby4:00 P.M.Searching for weakly-coupled particles: from stars to the labPerimeter Institute
12/08/17 (Friday)Anson Hook4:00 P.M.Probing axions with neutron star inspirals and other stellar processesStanford University
01/19/18 (Friday)Adam Brown4:30 P.M.HyperinflationStanford University
01/26/18 (Friday)Raffaele D'Agnolo4:30 P.M.Neural Networks for New Physics SearchesSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
02/02/18 (Friday)Keisuke Harigaya4:30 P.M.QCD axion dark matter with a small decay constantUniversity of California, Berkeley
02/16/18 (Friday)Daniel Holz4:30 P.M.Some things LIGO has taught us about gravityUniversity of Chicago | Stanford University
02/23/18 (Friday)Ken Van Tilburg4:30 P.M.Halometry from astrometryNew York University | Institute for Advanced Study
03/09/18 (Friday)David Cyncynates4:30 P.M.Exploring Periodic Magnetized Slabs as Axion DetectorStanford University
04/13/18 (Friday)Olivier Simon4:30 P.M.Rotating Black Holes are Probes for Ultra-Light ScalarsStanford University
04/24/18 (Tuesday)Yingfei Gu12:30 P.M.Comments on warped CFTs and the complex SYK modelHarvard University
06/12/18 (Tuesday)Kunihito Uzawa12:30 P.M.No-Go theorems for ekpyrosis from ten-dimensional supergravityKwansei Gakuin University
06/15/18 (Friday)Marios Galanis4:30 P.M.TBAStanford University
07/27/18 (Friday)Asher Berlin4:00 P.M.Physics at 21 cmSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory


10/03/16Markus Luty2:00 P.M.Scale Anomalies and Physical States in Conformal Field TheoryUniversity of California Davis
10/17/16John Cardy2:00 P.M.Entanglement Hamiltonians in Conformal Field TheoriesUniversity of California Berkeley
10/24/16Andreas Karch2:00 P.M.Dualities in Quantum Hall PhysicsUniversity of Washington
11/07/16Surya Ganguli2:00 P.M.The statistical physics of deep learning: on the beneficial roles of dynamic criticality, random landscapes, and the reversal of timeStanford University
11/14/16Andrew Neitzke2:00 P.M.Defects in Quantum Field TheoryUniversity of Texas Austin
12/05/16Sergei Gukov2:00 P.M.RG Flows and Dynamical SystemsCalifornia Institute of Technology
01/09/17Ira Rothstein2:00 P.M.Formal and Phenomenological Aspects of Gravity Wave Predictions from Analytic CalculationsCarnegie Mellon University
01/23/17Sergei Dubovsky2:00 P.M.Yang-MIlls glueballs as closed bosonic stringsUniversity of California Davis / New York University / Perimeter Institute
01/30/17Hong Liu2:00 P.M.The second law of thermodynamics from unitarity and symmetryMassachusetts Institute of Technology
02/06/17Sean Carroll2:00 P.M.Extracting the Universe from the Wave FunctionCalifornia Institute of Technology
02/13/17Nathan Seiberg2:00 P.M.Duality in 2+1 dimensionsInstitute for Advanced Study
02/27/17Edgar Shaghoulian2:00 P.M.Modular invariance and the Eguchi-Kawai mechanism in holographic CFTsUniversity of California Santa Barbara
03/06/17Erik Verlinde2:00 P.M.From Emergent Gravity to Dark Energy and Dark MatterUniversity of Amsterdam
03/13/17Will Donnelly2:00 P.M.Entanglement branes in a two-dimensional string theoryUniversity of California Santa Barbara
04/03/17Andrew Strominger2:00 P.M.Virasoro Symmetry of 4D Quantum GravityHarvard University
04/10/17Mariangela Lisanti2:00 P.M.The Search for Extragalactic Dark MatterPrinceton University
05/15/17Anthony Anguirre2:00 P.M.Some ups and downs of entropyUniversity of California Santa Cruz
05/22/17Daniel Fisher2:00 P.M.Evolution and ecology in high dimensionsStanford University



09/22/16Nicole Yunger Halpern12:30 P.M.Bridging disciplines to comprehend chaos: Fluctuation theorem for the out-of-time-ordered correlatorCalifornia Institute of Technology
10/06/16Matt Walters12:30 P.M.Studying IR Dynamics with Conformal TruncationBoston University
10/13/16Jared Kaplan12:30 P.M.On Information Loss in AdS_3/CFT_2Johns Hopkins University
10/20/16Andrey Gromov12:30 P.M.Geometric response of quantum Hall statesUniversity of Chicago
10/27/16Kurt Hinterbichler12:30 P.M.Partially Massless Higher-Spin Gauge TheoryCase Western Reserve University
11/03/16Callum Quigley12:30 P.M.Second quantized MSW strings on K3 fibrationsUniversity of Toronto
11/10/16Tom Faulkner12:30 P.M.Constraining QFTs with shape dependence of entanglementUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
11/17/16Dan Roberts12:30 P.M.Chaos and complexity by designInstitute for Advanced Study
11/17/16Guifre Vidal3:30 P.M.Tensor networks and conformal field theory on the latticePerimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics
12/01/16Dalimil Mazac12:30 P.M.Analytic Bounds from Conformal BootstrapPerimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics
12/08/16Tom Hartman12:30 P.M.Causality and Universality at Strong CouplingCornell University
12/15/16Alexander Monin12:30 P.M.Semiclassics, Goldstone Bosons and CFT dataÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
01/12/17Liam Fitzpatrick12:30 P.M.On Non-perturbative Effects and Information Loss in AdS3/CFT2Boston University
01/19/17Jonathan Maltz12:30 Sitter Harmonies: Cosmological Spacetimes as ResonancesUniversity of California Berkeley / Stanford University
03/02/17Rachel Rosen12:30 P.M.Non-Singular Black Holes in Massive GravityColumbia University
03/09/17Isaac Kim2:00 P.M.Entanglement renormalization, quantum error correction, and emergent lightconeIBM
03/30/17Andrei Khmelnitsky12:30 P.M.Relaxing the Cosmological Constant, Proof of ConceptInternational Centre for Theoretical Physics
04/06/17Alex Belin12:30 P.M.Siegel Modular Forms and Black Hole EntropyUniversity of Amsterdam
05/18/17Michael Geracie12:30 P.M.Galilean Geometry in Condensed Matter SystemsUniversity of California San Diego



09/22/16Nicole Yunger Halpern12:30 P.M.Bridging disciplines to comprehend chaos: Fluctuation theorem for the out-of-time-ordered correlatorCalifornia Institute of Technology
10/06/16Matt Walters12:30 P.M.Studying IR Dynamics with Conformal TruncationBoston University
10/13/16Jared Kaplan12:30 P.M.On Information Loss in AdS_3/CFT_2Johns Hopkins University
10/20/16Andrey Gromov12:30 P.M.Geometric response of quantum Hall statesUniversity of Chicago
10/27/16Kurt Hinterbichler12:30 P.M.Partially Massless Higher-Spin Gauge TheoryCase Western Reserve University
11/03/16Callum Quigley12:30 P.M.Second quantized MSW strings on K3 fibrationsUniversity of Toronto
11/10/16Tom Faulkner12:30 P.M.Constraining QFTs with shape dependence of entanglementUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
11/17/16Dan Roberts12:30 P.M.Chaos and complexity by designInstitute for Advanced Study
11/17/16Guifre Vidal3:30 P.M.Tensor networks and conformal field theory on the latticePerimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics
12/01/16Dalimil Mazac12:30 P.M.Analytic Bounds from Conformal BootstrapPerimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics
12/08/16Tom Hartman12:30 P.M.Causality and Universality at Strong CouplingCornell University
12/15/16Alexander Monin12:30 P.M.Semiclassics, Goldstone Bosons and CFT dataÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
01/12/17Liam Fitzpatrick12:30 P.M.On Non-perturbative Effects and Information Loss in AdS3/CFT2Boston University
01/19/17Jonathan Maltz12:30 Sitter Harmonies: Cosmological Spacetimes as ResonancesUniversity of California Berkeley / Stanford University
03/02/17Rachel Rosen12:30 P.M.Non-Singular Black Holes in Massive GravityColumbia University
03/09/17Isaac Kim2:00 P.M.Entanglement renormalization, quantum error correction, and emergent lightconeIBM
03/30/17Andrei Khmelnitsky12:30 P.M.Relaxing the Cosmological Constant, Proof of ConceptInternational Centre for Theoretical Physics
04/06/17Alex Belin12:30 P.M.Siegel Modular Forms and Black Hole EntropyUniversity of Amsterdam
05/18/17Michael Geracie12:30 P.M.Galilean Geometry in Condensed Matter SystemsUniversity of California San Diego



10/04/16 (Tuesday)Henrik Gustafsson4:15 P.M.Einstein series attached to small automorphic representationsChalmers
10/05/16 (Wednesday)Tom Rudelius12:30 P.M.Strong Forms of the Weak Gravity ConjectureHarvard University
10/05/16 (Wednesday)Henrik Gustafsson2:00 P.M.Automorphic String AmplitudesChalmers
10/11/16 (Tuesday)Ehud Altman11:00 A.M.Beyond the SYK model: a solvable model showing a dynamical quantum phase transitions from fast to slow scramblingUniversity of California Berkeley
10/14/16 (Friday)Iris Cong10:30 A.M.Topological quantum computation with gapped boundariesUniversity of California Los Angeles
10/21/16 (Friday)Adam Scherlis4:00 P.M.Dark Matter from RelaxionsStanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
10/28/16 (Friday)Jack Kearney4:00 P.M.Natural MistakesFermi National Accelerator Laboratory
11/04/16 (Friday)Francesca Day4:00 P.M.X-ray Anomalies and Fluorescent Dark MatterUniversity of Oxford
11/09/16 (Wednesday)Nathan Benjamin11:00 A.M.Emergent spacetime through indicesStanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
12/02/16 (Friday)Asher Berlin4:00 P.M.Cosmologies of Hidden Sector Dark MatterSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
12/09/16 (Friday)Mehrdad Mirbabayi4:00 P.M.Productive interactions: heavy particles, gravitational waves and non-GaussianityStanford University
01/10/17 (Tuesday)Cécilia Lancien2:00 P.M.Weak multiplicativity/additivity in quantum information theory - The possible role of de Finetti reductions and entanglement measure theoryUniversidad Complutense de Madrid
01/13/17 (Friday)Jeroen Zuiddam10:30 A.M.Creating networks of entangled pairs: tensor surgery and the laser methodCentrum Wiskunde & Informatica Amsterdam
01/20/17 (Friday)Hendrik Vogel4:00 P.M.Extragalactic photon-ALP conversion at CTA energiesSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
02/03/17 (Friday)Thomas Melia4:00 P.M."Magnetic bubble chambers" for sub-GeV dark matter direct detectionUniversity of California Berkeley
02/21/17 (Tuesday)Emil Mottola2:00 P.M.Macroscopic Quantum Effects in Gravity: Scalar Gravitational Waves, Dark Energy & Condensate StarsLos Alamos National Laboratory
03/03/17 (Friday)Joseph Landsberg10:30 A.M.Symmetry versus OptimalityTexas A&M University
08/09/17 (Wednesday)Jared Kaplan2:00 P.M.The Information Paradox in AdS3 and Exact Bulk ReconstructionJohns Hopkins University


Date Speaker Time Title Affiliation
09/21/15 Bob Laughlin 2:00 P.M. The meter stick of life Stanford University
09/28/15 Kristan Jensen 2:00 P.M. Monotonicity and entanglement in boundary quantum field theory YITP, Stony Brook
10/05/15 Ted Jacobson 2:00 P.M. Black Hole Entropy, Entanglement, and the Einstein Equation Univ. Maryland & KITP
10/12/15 David Simmons-Duffin 2:00 P.M. Looking for a bulk point IAS
10/19/15 Mukund Rangamani 2:00 P.M. Brownian branes, emergent symmetries, and hydrodynamics Durham University
10/26/15 Andy Lucas 2:00 P.M. Hydrodynamic transport in holography and in clean graphene Harvard University
11/02/15 Jesse Thaler 2:00 P.M. Minimal supersymmetric slow-roll inflation MIT
11/09/15 Cliff Burgess 2:00 P.M. Self-Tuning Under the Microscope Mc.Master U & Perimeter Institute
11/16/15 Eliezer Rabinovici 2:00 P.M. Remarks on Holography space time singularities and extremal volumes Hebrew University


12/07/15 Andrew Tolley 2:00 P.M. Progress in Massive Gravity Case Western
12/14/15 Matthew Kleban 2:00 P.M. Cosmic Inflation and Fine Tuning NYU
01/04/16 Raphael Flauger 2:00 P.M. Planck, BICEP, and the Early Universe University of Texas at Austin
01/11/16 Clay Cordova 2:00 P.M. Quantum Field Theory and the Renormalization Group in Six-Dimensions IAS


01/25/16 Ben Safdi 2:00 P.M. Seeing through the haze: searching for dark-matter annihilation in the presence of astrophysical point sources MIT
02/01/16 Xi Dong 2:00 P.M. Entanglement, Gravity, and Quantum Error Correction IAS
02/08/16 Daniel Harlow 2:00 P.M. Gauge Fields and Quantum Gravity Princeton
02/22/16 Brian Swingle 2:00 P.M. Measuring Quantum Information Scrambling Stanford
03/07/16 Douglas Stanford 2:00 P.M. The SYK model and AdS_2/CFT_1 IAS
04/18/2016 David Tong 2:00 P.M. Quantum Hall Matrix Models DAMTP, Cambridge
04/25/2016 Mithat Unsal 2:00 P.M. Decoding path integrals: Resurgence and  Picard-Lefschetz theory North Carolina State University
5/9/2016 Juan Garcia-Bellido 2:00 P.M. Using gravitational wave astronomy to measure the mass distribution of primordial black holes as the dominant dark matter component Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
5/16/2016 Mina Aganagic 2:00 P.M. Math, Physics and Duality Berkeley
6/6/2016 Gary Horowitz 2:00 P.M. Recovering the spacetime metric from a holographic dual UCSB
6/13/2016 Cumrun Vafa 2:00 P.M. 6 Dimensional Conformal Theories Harvard University



Date Speaker Time Title Affiliation
09/24/15 Matthew Dodelson 2:30 P.M. Longitudinal string spreading and horizon physics Stanford University
10/01/15 Alexandre Belin 12:30 P.M. Permutation Orbifolds: exploring the landscape of theories of quantum gravity in AdS_3 Stanford University
10/08/15 Vadim Kaplunovsky 12:30 P.M. Deconstructing the E0 5D SCFT to resolve the orbifold paradox University of Texas
10/15/15 Glen Evenbly 12:30 P.M. Local scale transformations with tensor network renormalization UC Irvine
10/22/15 Mark Mezei 12:30 P.M. Spread of entanglement and causality Princeton University
10/29/15 Tokiro Numasawa 12:30 P.M. cMERA as surface/state correspondence in AdS/CFT YITP, Kyoto
11/05/15 Tarek Anous 12:30 P.M. Emergent SL(2,R) in Quenched Quiver Quantum Mechanics MIT
11/12/15 Mehrdad Mirbabayi 12:30 P.M. Equivalence Principle and the Baryon Acoustic Peak IAS
11/19/15 Sachin Jain 12:30 P.M. Causality Constraints in Conformal Field theory Cornell


12/03/15 Bogdan Stoica 12:30 P.M. A Holographic Formula for Relative Entropy Caltech
12/10/15 Tommi Tenkanen 12:30 P.M. Higgs portal dark matter and cosmic inflation Helsinki


01/14/2016 Victor Gorbenko 12:30 P.M. QCD Strings and Integrability in Pure Yang-Mills SITP
01/21/2016 Sam McCandlish 12:30 P.M. Seeing into the Bulk with Integral Geometry SITP
01/21/2016 Yu-Hsiang Lin 4:00 P.M. What initial condition of inflation would suppress the large-scale CMB spectrum? National Taiwan University
01/28/2016 Adam Brown 12:30 P.M. Schwinger pair production at nonzero temperatures or in compact directions SITP
02/04/2016 Chi-Ming Chang 12:30 P.M. Bootstrapping 2D CFTS in the semiclassical limit UC Berkeley
02/11/2016 Yonatan Kahn 12:30 P.M. A Broadband Approach to Axion Dark Matter Detection Princeton
02/18/2016 Don Page 12:30 P.M. Naked Firewalls University of Alberta
02/25/1016 Ning Bao 12:30 P.M. Grover Search and the No-Signaling Principle Caltech
03/03/2016 Ahmed Almheiri 12:30 P.M. Linearity of Holographic Entanglement Entropy SITP
03/10/2016 Natalie Paquette 12:30 P.M. Umbral Moonshine in Landau-Ginzburg Orbifolds SITP
03/17/2016 Volkher Scholz 12:30 P.M. Matrix product approximations to conformal field theories Ghent University
03/24/2016 Benoit Collins 1:00 P.M. Applications of the Haagerup's inequality and strong convergence of random matrices to quantum information theory Kyoto University and University of Ottawa
04/07/2016 Jonathan Maltz 12:30 P.M. Chaos in Matrix Models and Black Hole Evaporation Berkeley
04/14/2016 Jon Yard 12:30 P.M. Compiling qubit circuits Microsoft Research
04/21/2016 David Marsh 12:30 P.M. Genericity and universality in the string theory landscape DAMTP, Cambridge
04/28/2016 Erik Tonni 12:30 P.M. Some geometrical aspects of entanglement in CFT & Holography International School for Advanced Studies
05/05/2016 Michal Heller 12:30 P.M. Holography for Entanglement and Causal Diamonds Perimeter Institute
05/12/2016 Moritz Muenchmeyer 12:30 P.M. Searching for oscillations and massive particles with CMB data and futuristic 21cm experiments IAP
05/19/2016 Vladimir Rosenhaus 12:30 P.M. Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model: the two-point function KITP



Date Speaker Time Title Affiliation
08/26/15 Aram Harrow 2:30 P.M. Sample optimal tomography of quantum states MIT
10/02/15 Daniel Egana-Ugrinovic 4:30 P.M. Nelson Barr-ogenesis Rutgers
10/06/15 James Scargill 2:30 P.M. (tentative) An anisotropic universe due to dimension-changing vacuum decay Oxford
10/13/15 Marco Raveri 1:30 P.M. The Effective Field Theory approach to gravitation on cosmological scales SISSA
10/16/15 Jeremy Mardon 4:00 P.M. A (Nearly) Weaker-Than-Gravity Bound on Dark Matter Electromagnetism SITP
10/23/15 Nikita Blinov 4:00 P.M. Electroweak Phase Transition Beyond the Standard Model SLAC
10/30/15 Bridget Bertoni 4:00 P.M. Searching for Dark Matter Subhalos Using Fermi LAT Data SITP
11/06/15 Michael Walter  & Xiao-Liang Qi 2:00 P.M. Random Tensor Networks SITP
11/06/15 Sunghoon Jung 4:00 P.M. Overlooked Higgs physics: pure resonance dips SLAC
11/13/15 Anson Hook 4:00 P.M. NNaturalness SITP
11/19/15 Gustavo Marques-Tavares 4:00 P.M. Non-abelian dark matter and large scale structure SITP
11/23/15 to 11/27/15


12/04/15 Brian Shuve 4:00 P.M. Low-Energy Signs of New Physics at High-Energy Colliders SITP / SLAC
12/11/15 Raffaele Tito D'Agnolo 4:00 P.M. Light Dark Matter from Boltzmann Tails IAS
12/14/15 to 01/01/16


2/17/2016 (Wednesday) Eric Perlmutter 2:00 P.M. Bounding the Space of Holographic CFTs with Chaos Princeton
2/19/2016 Peter Graham 4:00 P.M. An informal discussion of resonant atom interferometry for gravitational wave detection SITP
2/26/2016 Solomon Endlich 4:00 P.M. Effective field theory techniques for the inspiral problem SITP
3/2/2016 (Wednesday)

Marc Geiller

2:30 P.M. Quantum gravity and extended topological quantum field theories Perimeter Institute
3/4/2016 Tom Abel 4:00 P.M. Insights on black hole formation from 3D simulations Stanford
3/25/2016 Leonardo Senatore 4:00 P.M. Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Cosmology Stanford
4/27/2016 (Wednesday) Ethan Dyer 3:00 P.M. Small black holes in near extremal gravity Stanford
5/4/2016 (Wednesday) Beni Yoshida 4:30 P.M. Complexity by design Perimeter Institute
5/9/2016 (Monday) Dam Thanh Son 4:15 P.M. A higher-spin theory of neutral excitations of quantum Hall fluids University of Chicago
5/17/2016 (Tuesday) Huangjun Zhu 3:15 P.M. Multiqubit Clifford groups are unitary 3-designs Perimeter Institute
5/19/2016 (Thursday) Kiel Howe 4:00 P.M. Composite Higgs Models and the 750 GeV Resonance SITP
5/24/2016 (Tuesday) Macarena Lagos 2:00 P.M. Parametrizing general linear cosmological perturbations Oxford University
5/27/2016 Mae Teo 4:00 P.M. Black hole superradiance with vector bosons  SITP
6/3/2016 TJ Wilkason 4:00 P.M. Experimental Searches for Ultralight Spin-Coupled Dark Matter Stanford