Our research includes a strong focus on fundamental questions about the new physics underlying the Standard Models of particle physics, cosmology, and gravity; and the nature and applications of our basic frameworks (quantum field theory and string theory) for attacking these questions.   Our research also includes a major emphasis on the novel phenomena in condensed matter physics that emerge in systems with many degrees of freedom.

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Douglas Stanford is a professor at Stanford University. As a member of It from Qubit, he was a postdoc at the Institute for Advanced Study.
“Our understanding of reality is not complete, by far,” says Stanford University physicist Andrei Linde. “Reality exists independently of us.”
Shamit Kachru is the Wells Family Director of the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics.
“This is just this completely new and exciting space that we’re working in now,” said Vedika Khemani, a condensed matter physicist in SITP.

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