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Savas Dimopoulos

Hamamoto Family Professor

Sebastian Doniach

Professor of Applied Physics and of Physics, Emeritus

Daniel Fisher

David Starr Jordan Professor

Surya Ganguli

Associate Professor of Applied Physics and , by courtesy, of Neurobiology and of Electrical Engineering

Peter Graham

Associate Professor of Physics

Patrick Hayden

Stanford Professor of Quantum Physics and Professor, by courtesy, of Computer Science

Shamit Kachru

Professor of Physics and Director, Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics

Renata Kallosh

Stanford W. Ascherman, MD Professor and Professor, by courtesy, of Mathematics

Vedika Khemani

Assistant Professor of Physics and, by courtesy, of Applied Physics

Steven Kivelson

Prabhu Goel Family Professor

Robert Laughlin

Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences

Andrei Linde

Harald Trap Friis Professor

Xiaoliang Qi

Professor of Physics

Srinivas Raghu

Associate Professor of Physics and of Photon Science

Stephen Shenker

Richard Herschel Weiland Professor

Eva Silverstein

Professor of Physics

Douglas Stanford

Associate Professor of Physics

Leonard Susskind

Felix Bloch Professor of Physics