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Xiaoliang Qi

Xiaoliang Qi
Professor of Physics
Ph.D., Institute for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University, Physics (2007)
B.S., Tsinghua University, Physics (2003)
My current research interest is the interplay of quantum entanglement, quantum gravity and quantum chaos. The characterization of quantum information and quantum entanglement has provided novel understanding to space-time geometry, and relate the dynamics of chaotic many-body systems to the dynamics of space-time, i.e. quantum gravity theory. Based on recent progress in holographic duality (also known as AdS/CFT), my goal is to use tools such as tensor networks and solvable models to provide more microscopic understanding to the emergent space-time geometry from quantum states and quantum dynamics.

I am also interested in topological states and topological phenomena in condensed matter systems.

You can find my recent research topics in some talks online: