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Renata Kallosh

Renata Kallosh

Professor of Physics and, by courtesy, of Mathematics


What is the mathematical structure of supergravity/string theory and its relation to cosmology?

Professor Kallosh works on the general structure of supergravity and string theory and their applications to cosmology. Her main interests are related to the models early universe inflation and dark energy in string theory. She develops string theory models explaining the origin of the universe and its current acceleration. With her collaborators, she has recently constructed de Sitter supergravity, which is most suitable for studies of inflation and dark energy and spontaneously broken supersymmetry.

She is analyzing possible consequences of the expected new data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the results of current and future cosmological observations, including Planck satellite CMB data. These results may affect the relationship between superstring theory and supergravity, and the real world. Professor Kallosh works, in particular, on future tests of string theory by CMB data and effective supergravity models with flexible amplitude of gravitational waves produced during inflation.

Academic Appointments

Professor, Physics

Honors & Awards

Research Award, Humboldt International, Germany (2005 - 2008)
Lise Meitner Prize, Gothenburg University and Chalmers (2009)
Doctorate Honoris Causa, University of Groningen (2013)
Lorentz chair 2017, Lorentz center Leiden University (Summer 2017)

Boards, Advisory Committees, Professional Organizations

A member of advisory board, Dutch scientific council in theoretical physics (2013 - Present)
A member of advisory board, ICTP Trieste (2012 - Present)
Scientific Associate, CERN (1989 - 1990)

Professional Education

Ph.D., Lebedev Physical Institute, Physics (1968)
B.S., Moscow State University, Physics (1966)


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Kachru, S., Kallosh, R., Linde, A., & Trivedi, S. P. (2003). de Sitter vacua in string theory. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 68(4).

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