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One of the most powerful mathematical principles guiding our current understanding of quantum physics is symmetry. We encounter many symmetric objects in our daily life—a square can be rotated about its center in increments of 90 degrees and look the same, while a circle can be rotated any angle.... more
Dec 30 2015 | Posted In: Hard Problems
If a pebble is thrown into a black hole, an observer outside the black hole will see waves of energy diffuse outwards along the event horizon. The equations obeyed by this diffusion process turn out to be precisely those that describe the flow of energy in what are known as `strongly correlated... more
The Cosmic Axion Spin Precession Experiment (CASPEr) has received funding for phase 1 from the Heising-Simons and Simons Foundations.  CASPEr is designed to detect axion dark matter over a broad range of masses that are unreachable by other techniques. more
In 1974, Hawking put forward the notion that black holes are not truly ‘black’. Instead, a black hole continuously burns and emits all of its mass in the form of thermal radiation. In recent years progress has been made in understanding this burning process. It turns out that black holes are highly... more
Since 1997 physicists have understood that anti-de Sitter quantum gravity in d+1 dimensions can emerge from suitable d dimensional conformally invariant quantum field theories. This is a primary example of holography. But the question of precisely which quantum field theories give rise to emergent... more