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Feb 28 2019 | Quanta Magazine | Posted In: Blog, Faculty
Physicists have devised a holographic model of “de Sitter space,” the term for a universe like ours, that could give us new clues about the origin of space and time.
Feb 8 2019 | Stanford News | Posted In: Department News, Faculty
The newly launched Quantum Fundamentals, ARchitecture and Machines initiative will build upon existing strengths in theoretical and experimental quantum science and engineering at Stanford and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.
Dec 6 2018 | Quanta Magazine | Posted In: Faculty
Leonard Susskind has identified a possible quantum origin for the ever-growing volume of black holes.
Nov 19 2018 | Quanta Magazine | Posted In: Faculty
Sean Hartnoll offers insight on experiments suggesting that exotic superconducting materials share a “strange metal” state characterized by a quantum speed limit.
Nov 5 2018 | The Mercury News | Posted In: Awards, Department News, Staff
Mountain View’s Aron Wall lives and breathes science, pondering fundamental insights about quantum field theory and gravity that have earned him this year’s prestigious Breakthrough New Horizons in Physics Prize, to be awarded in a red-carpet ceremony at NASA Ames on Sunday.