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Recent News

A team of Stanford physicists, including SITP members Peter Graham and Tim Wiser, have proposed a space mission that could detect or rule out some popular long-range modifications of gravity. Highly precise measurements of the spacecraft’s position as it flies out of the Solar System provide a test... more
The hierarchy problem, the puzzlingly light mass of the Higgs, is one of the largest open questions in physics beyond the Standard Model.  A new class of solutions is found which replaces physics at the weak scale with dynamical relaxation during the early universe, thus giving radically different... more
Many physicists believe that entanglement is the essence of quantum weirdness — and some now suspect that it may also be the essence of space-time geometry. This article, published in Nature, describes much of the work of the It From Qubit Simons Foundation collaboration. more
Stanford Physicists Xiao-Liang Qi and Leonardo Senatore won New Horizons in Physics Prizes for their outstanding contributions to fundamental physics. Qi’s work in condensed matter physics looked at physical properties of certain quantum phases of matter called topological states. His work on... more
Circumventing a no-go theorem established in 1977 by nonlinearly realized supersymmetry, the authors construct for the first time a pure (without additional fields) N=1 supergravity with positive cosmological constant. Besides the theoretical achievement, given the observational evidence for an... more