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Sep 23 2019 | Apple Podcasts | Posted In: Faculty
Leonard Susskind describes how he made the transition from plumbing to particle physics, and why theoretical physics is now so exciting.
Sep 16 2019 | APS Physics | Posted In: Faculty
Xiaoliang Qi writes about a model based on Brownian motion that describes the tsunami-like propagation of chaotic behavior in a system of quantum particles.
Aug 7 2019 | Stanford News | Posted In: Awards, Department News
Daniel Freedman, a visiting professor at SITP, is a co-recipient of a Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics for his role in the invention of supergravity.
Jul 1 2019 | Simons Foundation | Posted In: Awards, Department News, Faculty
The Simons Foundation has named Sean Hartnoll as a Simons Investigator in Physics for 2019.
Jun 3 2019 | Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences | Posted In: Department News, Faculty
Shamit Kachru is a member of a new collaboration that aims to unravel the mystery of entangled quantum matter.