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Sep 26 2018 | Science News | Posted In: Faculty
Douglas Stanford's work as a theoretical physicist at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J., has already revealed new insights, including the discovery that black holes reach the pinnacle of chaos — nothing can be more chaotic than a black hole. more
Sep 10 2018 | Stanford News
As physicists have delved deeper and deeper into nature’s mysteries, they have been forced to accept the unsettling fact that our universe is suspiciously fine-tuned to support life. The amount of matter in the universe, the mass of the electron, the strength of gravity – if the value of any of... more
Aug 24 2018 | John Bardeen Prize | Posted In: Awards, Faculty
The John Bardeen Prize was established in 1991 by the organizers of the International Conference on the Materials and Mechanisms of Superconductivity (M2S) in honor of SITP Professor John Bardeen for “theoretical work that has provided significant insights on the nature of superconductivity and has... more
Jul 12 2018 | Simons Investigators Award | Posted In: Awards, Faculty
The Physics Department congratulates Xiaoliang Qi, who was selected as one of five recipients of the prestigious Simons Investigator Award in Physics for 2018.  Simons Investigators are outstanding theoretical scientists who receive research support from the foundation, enabling them to undertake... more
Jun 26 2018 | | Posted In: Faculty
It took nearly a century of trial and error for human scientists to organize the periodic table of elements, arguably one of the greatest scientific achievements in chemistry, into its current form. A new artificial intelligence (AI) program developed by Stanford physicists accomplished the same... more