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Nov 19 2019 | Quanta Magazine | Posted In: Hard Problems, Students
Like cosmic hard drives, black holes pack troves of data into compact spaces. But ever since Stephen Hawking calculated in 1974 that these dense spheres of extreme gravity give off heat and fade away, the fate of their stored information has haunted physicists.  
Oct 10 2019 | Apple Podcasts | Posted In: Faculty
SITP Professor Douglas Stanford and Pedro Vieira are two of the most brilliant young theoretical physicists who are seeking to understand nature at its finest level.
Oct 2 2019 | Science News | Posted In: Department News, Faculty
“I like it if I can run uphill and be rewarded with a view of the bay,” says Monika Schleier-Smith. She’s talking about a favorite spot to exercise around Palo Alto, Calif., but the sentiment also applies to her scientific work.
Sep 27 2019 | Stanford News | Posted In: Department News, Faculty
The history of particle accelerators is one of seemingly constant one-upmanship. Ever since the 1920s, the machines – which spur charged particles to near light speeds before crashing them together – have grown ever larger, more complex and more powerful.
Sep 26 2019 | | Posted In: Department News, Faculty
A team of Stanford University researchers are on a mission to identify dark matter once and for all. But first, they'll need to build the world's most sensitive radio.