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Jul 12 2018 | Simons Investigators Award | Posted In: Awards, Faculty
The Physics Department congratulates Xiaoliang Qi, who was selected as one of five recipients of the prestigious Simons Investigator Award in Physics for 2018.  Simons Investigators are outstanding theoretical scientists who receive research support from the foundation, enabling them to undertake... more
Jun 26 2018 | | Posted In: Faculty
It took nearly a century of trial and error for human scientists to organize the periodic table of elements, arguably one of the greatest scientific achievements in chemistry, into its current form. A new artificial intelligence (AI) program developed by Stanford physicists accomplished the same... more
Jun 5 2018 | Scientific American
Inside a neutron star—the city-size, hyperdense cinder left after a supernova—modern physics plunges off the edge of the map. There, gravity squeezes matter to densities several times greater than those found in the nucleus of an atom, creating what theorists suspect could be a breeding ground for... more
Apr 18 2018 | American Academy of Arts and Sciences | Posted In: Awards, Department News, Faculty
Congratulations to Renata Kallosh on her election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.  Renata's election recognizes her important contributions to theoretical physics.  The newly elected members of the American Academy include Barack H. Obama and Tom Hanks.  [Read more.] more
Dec 3 2017 | Stanford News | Posted In: Awards, Department News
Douglas Stanford has won the 2018 Breakthrough New Horizons Prize in Physics for work that uses chaos to better understand the links between quantum physics and black holes. more