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Divyanshu Murli

Divyanshu Murli

Ph.D. Student in Physics, admitted Autumn 2014


I am currently a third year PhD student in theoretical physics, and my advisor is Prof. Renata Kallosh. My research interests encompass all aspects of supergravity and string theory, with applications to particle physics, cosmology and mathematics. My current focus has been in spontaneously broken nonlinearly realised supersymmetric quantum field theories, where I've been studying their scattering amplitudes and their supergravity/stringy/braney constructions.

During my undergraduate years at UC Santa Barbara, I worked under the supervision of Prof. Joe Polchinski on large N Chern-Simons theory coupled to matter.

My curriculum vitae (CV) is available upon request.

Academic Appointments

Ph.D. Student in Physics, admitted Autumn 2014

Professional Education

BS, University of California, Santa Barbara, Physics (2014)


Kallosh, R., Karlsson, A., Mosk, B., & Murli, D. (2016). Orthogonal nilpotent superfields from linear models. JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, (5).

Kallosh, R., Karlsson, A., & Murli, D. (2016). From linear to nonlinear supersymmetry via functional integration. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 93(2).

Kallosh, R., Karlsson, A., & Murli, D. (2016). Origin of Soft Limits from Nonlinear Supersymmetry in Volkov-Akulov Theory. Arxiv preprint. Retrieved from