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Apr 13 2015 | Moonshine at c=12
This presentation discusses a set of "moonshine" relations between superconformal theories at c=12 and subgroups of Conway's largest sporadic group. more
Apr 10 2015 | CERN
Last night the Operations team for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) successfully circulated a beam at 6.5 teralectronvolts (TeV) - one of many steps before the accelerator will deliver collisions at four interaction points within the ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and  more
Nov 3 2014 | Stanford Dish | Posted In: Awards, Faculty
Soucheng Zhang, professor of physics, has been named a recipient of the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Physics, one of the oldest and most prestigious science awards in the United States. Zhang shares the 2015 physics recognition with Charles Kane and Eugene Mele, both of the University of... more
A concept developed for computer science could have a key role in fundamental physics — and point the way to a new understanding of space and time. more