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Kicking the world’s largest machine into overdrive is turning out to be harder than expected. Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, near Geneva in Switzerland, say that plans to run their physics experiments at higher energies are likely to be delayed until next year. more
Aug 5 2015 | New Simons Collaborations: Homological Mirror Symmetry and It from Qubit | Posted In: Blog, Department News
The Simons Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of two Simons Collaborations in Mathematics and the Physical Sciences: the Simons Collaboration on Homological Mirror Symmetry, directed by Tony Pantev, University of Pennsylvania, and the Simons Collaboration on It from Qubit: Quantum... more
A talk describing a new candidate dual to pure 3d supergravity, as well as the relationship between enumerative geometry of K3 and moonshine. more
Apr 24 2015 | Quanta Magazine
A bold new idea aims to link two famously discordant descriptions of nature. In doing so, it may also reveal how space-time owes its existence to the spooky connections of quantum information. more
A basic question in black hole horizon physics the leading breakdown of the low-energy description in terms of quantum fields and general relativity (collectively known as effective field theory).  Although black hole horizons are weakly curved, because of long time-evolution large energies build... more