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A talk describing a new candidate dual to pure 3d supergravity, as well as the relationship between enumerative geometry of K3 and moonshine. more
Apr 24 2015 | Quanta Magazine
A bold new idea aims to link two famously discordant descriptions of nature. In doing so, it may also reveal how space-time owes its existence to the spooky connections of quantum information. more
A basic question in black hole horizon physics the leading breakdown of the low-energy description in terms of quantum fields and general relativity (collectively known as effective field theory).  Although black hole horizons are weakly curved, because of long time-evolution large energies build... more
Apr 13 2015 | Moonshine at c=12
This presentation discusses a set of "moonshine" relations between superconformal theories at c=12 and subgroups of Conway's largest sporadic group. more
Apr 10 2015 | CERN
Last night the Operations team for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) successfully circulated a beam at 6.5 teralectronvolts (TeV) - one of many steps before the accelerator will deliver collisions at four interaction points within the ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and  more