Random Matrix Universality for Black Holes in Supergravity

Joaquin Turiaci
Date Range
Mon February 13th 2023, 2:00pm
Speaker Affiliation
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Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
Varian 355

Quantum systems that describe black holes are expected to have a chaotic spectrum. This means the statistics of nearby energy levels share some common features with random matrix ensembles. The type of ensemble depends on the symmetries, and quantum systems whose black hole dual are independently known present extended supersymmetry. This has a non-trivial effect even if we look at the non-BPS spectrum.  In the first part of the talk, we introduce a random matrix ensemble appropriate for quantum mechanics with extended supersymmetry. In the second part, we show this ensemble is dual to pure JT supergravity after summing over wormholes, generalizing previous constructions with less supersymmetry.