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New Horizons in Inflationary Cosmology

The conference is dedicated to the recent progress in theoretical and observational cosmology, with an emphasis on inflationary cosmology, including its observational status and its implementation in supergravity and string theory.


March 3, 2017 - 9:00am to March 5, 2017 - 1:00pm
March 3: Kavli Auditorium, SLAC | March 4-5: Hewlett Teaching Center, Room 201, Stanford University

The conference will begin on Friday March 3 at 9 in the morning, and end on Sunday 5 in the early afternoon. We will have a public lecture by John Carlstrom on observational cosmology on March 3 at 7:30 in the evening in the Hewlett Teaching Center, Room 201.

Conference Program

Speakers and Presentations

Public Lecture: John Carlstrom - What do We Know About The Big Bang?

Friday, March 3, 2017

Morning Session

Alan Guth - Sundry Topics in Inflationary Cosmology

John Carlstrom  -  Status and future plans for CMB measurements

J. Richard Bond  -  Aspects of Inflation ζ-Phenomenology

Matias Zaldarriaga  -  The mildly non-linear regime of structure formation

Afternoon Session

Leonard Susskind - Wormholes

Renata Kallosh  -  α-attractors and B-mode targets

Liam McAllister  -  B-modes and the Quantization of Parameters

Eva Silverstein  -  Strongly non-Gaussian theory and analysis

Leonardo Senatore  -  The Supersymmetric Effective Field Theory of Inflation

Juan Garcia-Bellido  -  Massive Primordial Black Holes from Inflation and their Detection with Gravitational Waves

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Morning Session

Chao-Lin Kuo - The March toward r=0.001

Fabio Finelli  -  Planck results on inflation and perspectives for future observations

Fernando Quevedo  -  Inflation and Post-Inflation in LVS

Michael Douglas  -  Computational Complexity of Cosmology

Afternoon Session

Alexander Vilenkin  -  Black holes and baby universes from inflation

James Hartle  -  The no-boundary measure

Raphael Bousso  -  Cosmological Area Theorem and Second Law

Yusuke Yamada  -  Gravitino problem in minimum supergravity inflation

Tomohiro Fujita  -  The new relationship between inflation and gravitational waves

Ali Masoumi  -  Inflation in random Gaussian landscapes

Kin-Wang Ng  -  Production of massive black holes in trapped inflation

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Morning Session

Alexander Westphal  -  (Rel)axion runaways and weakly gravitating axion monodromy

Timm Wrase  -  Constrained superfields in string cosmology

Nemanja Kaloper  -  4π in the Sky

Thomas Bachlechner  -  Axions of Evil

Andrei Linde  -  Large field inflation: Recent progress and observational predictions


This conference is supported by the Templeton foundation grant Inflation, the Multiverse, and Holography.

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